Clarification Of Rule <R7-d>

Hi … this may seem stupid … i know that it doesn’t function the way that the robot works, but is it legal for us to have LEDS on the robot - powered by like a 3v lithium battery - is the classed as non-functional decoration

? ??

Thanks !

No, this is not legal. Here are two Q+A threads saying so: (Elevation)

<R13> takes priority over <R7>. It prohibits additional batteries for any purpose and not just functional purposes.

]( (Round Up))

Oh … thanks for the clarification … thinking just paint parts of the robot then … :smiley:

would have been bad 2 turn upto a competition with that on and get turned away because of it …

You should never be turned away from a competition for having an illegal robot. Events are supposed to give you a chance to make your robot legal and then reinspect.

usually thats what they do
but in this case, it would be hard to “replace” all the painted metal in the short time given (if they even HAVE spare “non painted” metal

This thread was about battery-powered decorations, not paint ;).

And just to reassure the OP in case what you said made him or her unsure: decorative paint as a substitute for decorative LEDs is perfectly legal, but the paint should not come into contact with field elements.

Ok … probs just paint instead !

Thanks !