Clarification of <SG6> in Over Under

<SG6b> states “By placing the Match Load gently onto a Robot from the Drive Team Member’s Alliance”.
There is no clarification for the definition of “onto” the robot (I’ve extensively checked the entire manual several times). Does it mean that it just has to touch the robot? Does it have to be completely supported by the robot? Is it possible to place it in front of the robot (for the robot’s intake) as long as it’s touching the robot?
Additional clarification would be so very helpful.

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The way that I read that rule was that :
Place the match load onto the robot (so not onto the tile and not onto the field perimeter; onto the robot and only the robot)
Gently means that no force is applied in terms of a push.
By that interpretation, the only legal way is to place it onto a robot such that it is at least momentarily fully supported by the robot and that it is placed and not pushed.


Sounds like a good question for q & a but I think the intent of the rule is that you can put a triball in a hopper but not push it through a flywheel. I’m no GDC but that’s just how I interpreted it.


I think this is a case where the word “onto” is being used in a common sense standard definition: to a position on.

In this context only your second supposition is correct – the robot must (at least momentarily) fully support the triball. Any other positioning would not be on the robot but would be some other prepositional location.

You can of course place it in front of the robot’s intake if doing so happens in the MLZ.

Clarification at the Q&A would basically come down to asking if the manual intends to use the word “onto” in an unusual way.