Clarification of the definition of a zone

Does a zone include the area above the tiles, bounded by the infinite vertical projection of the perimeter of the zones, similar to the plane of the goal in Nothing but Net?

I did not see any mention of vertical projection in the manual. No need to clarify what is not in the game manual.

At this point, what makes contact with foam tiles in the zones, robot or game pieces, is what does matter.

Sorry, I meant to put this in the Q & A.

Although it’s not mentioned in the game manual, such an area would be irrelevant in calculating scores. Scoring objects that are Supported by a robot at the end of a match get counted in the zone that its supporting robot is touching (higher-valued zone if the robot is straddling multiple zones), thus its possible for a star that is, by itself, wholly within the Near Zone in the vertical sense, to be scored in the Far Zone because its supporting robot is touching the Far Zone. In this scenario, being wholly in the the area above the Near Zone did not prevent the star or cube from being scored in the Far Zone. In other words, the robot “transferred” the star’s position from the Near Zone to the Far Zone. The zones are meant for the stuff that’s on the ground, like robots and scoring objects. Thus, such an area would be irrelevant in the game manual.

But if the “airspace” is part of the zone, and stars are returned to the last zone they were in, throwing them out of the field (as far as possible past your zones), then the stars are returned to your far zone.

Also, it means stars you hang with are scored.

<SG6> states that a robot may not touch specifically the foam tiles of their own zones. I wanted to make sure that there was no other part of the zone.

Understood. If you are still concerned, Official Q&A is the route to go.

Oh, now I see why you asked. If airspace is included in the zones, reaching over the wall would be illegal. It also means intentionally lobbing the stars and cubes as far out of the field as possible would be beneficial.

I’m pretty sure the zones are not defined by planar boundaries, just lines.