Clarification on Field Perimeter and High Hanging

Does anyone know whether the gusset holding the high hang bar is considered to be part of the field perimeter? If not, then would it be legal to touch the gusset and achieve a high hang?

Here is the rule:
High Hanging – A Robot is considered to be High Hanging if it is touching the Hanging Bar of its own
color and completely above the infinite plane parallel to the foam field tiles, formed by the top of the
field perimeter. A Robot that is touching the field perimeter is not considered to be High Hanging.
Note: A High Hanging Robot does not also count as a Low Hanging Robot. Only one (1) Alliance
Robot can earn points for Hanging (High or Low) during a Match.

Attached is an image of the gusset I am talking about:

I would suspect that the corner gusset is part of the field perimeter as it is a required element of the field perimeter with or without the hanging pole variation.

High hang would require NO support from anything underneath robot, unlike low hang where the robot can rest upon/touch field perimeter.

Would this not be the common sense interpretation?

I would think so, but this ruling that the screws in the field perimeter are not considered to be part of the field perimeter certainly calls for an official answer.

EDIT: More specifically, Karthik’s words that “[S]imply being above the flat beams (and not touching) is sufficient,” calls into question whether the gusset is considered part of these “flat beams.”

That quote is pulled directly from the Q&A I linked.

I am more inclined to interpret that if you are touching the gussets or screws on the perimeter, you are not high hanging. But Karthik will clarify.

Karthik already clarified that if you are only touching the screws, you are legally high hanging.
That’s what puzzler is saying.
We don’t know about the gussets yet. The screw heads one was surprising, so this is certainly a valid question.

Ok I see… thanks for the clarification.

Thanks for the clarification.

We were thinking that since the hanging gusset is a new addition added to the field for Starstruck and that the side opposite to the bar does not have the same gusset, the hanging gusset would not be considered as part of the field perimeter and therefore would be legal to touch it and achieve a high hang.

I’ve been think about this. The corner gusset is now part of the field perimeter kit. The one on top usually does not have a hole. If your robot is resting on the metal structure of the field (not fasteners), it would not be considered a high hang. With this game they needed to swap out the corner gusset with one with a hole for the hanging pole. So I am still feeling that the gusset is part of the field.

Any one going to post the question in Q&A?

Puzzler7 and I have both posted the question twice on the Q and A.

It’s weird. Karthick has answered questions asked after ours and puzzler7’s.

I didn’t see that you had posted an official thread, I’ll delete the duplicate.

So you can touch the gusset and still be high hanging.

This was a good question. Technically that gusset is not part of the field perimeter. Furthermore, by requiring teams to be above the height of that gusset, it would mean referees would have to eyeball and compare to a very small section of the field.

In the perfect world (at least perfect from a rules perspective) the field perimeter would be completely flat to make this much easier. Alas it is not, so there are some weird edge cases to deal with.