Clarification on <G7>

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At a recent league event, if a hexball was knocked out of the fence, but fell off the playing field, the referees would add the ball onto the fence itself, not onto the field. Is that the correct process? i.e. if when knocking down a ball from the fence, the ball falls outside of the field, the ball is placed back onto the fence - therefore it is not counted as a scoring ball.
Here’s what the rule states:
Originally posted by VEX IQ Challenge Crossover Game Manual
<G7> Hexballs that leave the playing field will be promptly returned to the playing field at the location nearest the point at which they exited. If the nearest point to which it exited is in a Goal it will be returned to a spot that is adjacent to and not in the Goal.
Thus, if a referee can’t determine which side of the field is closest to the point of exit, placing the Hexball back on the Fence would be acceptable.”

My questions are pertaining to the repositioning of the hexball after it leaves the field.

  1. If a robot knocks a hexball off the fence and it leaves the field, the definition in the manual says that it will go to the closest point that is not a goal. The goals are clearly defined as the high goal and behind the line. The closest point would be the scoring zone, a.k.a the field floor, on the side that the ball is leaving from. I understand your ruling before was to replace it on the fence so that it is neutral, but the definitions in the manual are a little confusing so I am just trying to figure out which ones to follow.
  2. If a robot takes an orange hexball from the scoring zone, aka field floor, and tries to place it in the elevated goal for 5 points, the robot overshoots the goal and the hexball leaves the field where is the hexball placed? Does it go back onto the scoring zone where it was picked up, or does it go back to the fence so it is neutral and the closest position where it is not scored at all?

Placing the hexball on the field floor closest to where it exited play is my understanding. The only time the fence would be an option is if there was no way to tell where it exited.

For this one it would go in the scoring zone in front of the goal. In order for it to be place in the goal it would need to enter the scoring zone anyway. In this case a missed high goal attempt would be reset as in the scoring zone.