Clarification on Inspire Award


I would like to seeking clarification regarding the Inspire Award for World Championship.

  1. Must the team be nominated by another team? i.e. self-nomination is not accepted
  2. Can another team from the same club nominate another team?

I find it confusing regarding the requirements (the parts in bold) - think it is difficult enough to be nominated by other teams, and I think it is almost impossible to expect another team to write an essay and do a video of your robot as well.


Teams being nominated for the Inspire Award at Worlds must be nominated by another nonaffiliated team. Teams within a club or school may not nominate each other.

Past experience has shown that teams are able to produce high quality video clips to nominate an outstanding team that they have interacted with and to write a short essay backing up their nomination. Teams nominated for this award are often identified by several other teams.