Clarification on Low Scored Cap

I’m currently waiting on an answer from the Official Q&A on Robot Events, but I figured I’d ask here on the forums too.

Low Scored – A Cap status. A Cap is Low Scored when a Cap’s Core is touching the foam field tiles, white tape lines, or Platforms, without touching a Robot of the color Alliance for which the Cap would award points. Points for a Low Scored Cap are awarded to the Alliance color that is facing “up” when the Core half on its opposite side is touching the foam field tiles, white tape lines, or Platform.

In the definition for a “Low Scored Cap” where is says “…without touching a Robot of the color Alliance for which the Cap would award points.”, does it mean: “without the Cap touching a Robot of the color Alliance” or “without the Cap’s Core touching a Robot of the color Alliance”?

I’ve been to competitions where they didn’t score the cap of the same color if you were touching the Cap at all and other competitions where they seemed to ignore that portion of the definition entirely.

That is a little vague as to whether they mean the robot is touching the core or the cap. I read it as the core needs to be touching one of the listed items, then after the final comma they are referring back to the cap in general. That would mean a robot touching a cap that would have been scored for its color because of the core touching, the touching would make it de-scored.

That’s a good question for the official Q&A. Thanks. The proper reading of the English is that the core (most recent reference in the sentence) cannot be touching the robot, no issue with other parts of the cap touching a robot. But that may not have been what was intended, and I haven’t watched referee videos to know if they’ve shown something that clarifies the intent. Either way, for clarity they should edit in it being the cap or the cap’s core between “without” and “touching a Robot,” as you showed.

I see the ambiguity and the reason for the question.
It’s safe for now to assume that a cap cannot be scored for the team that is contacting any part of the cap.

From what I’ve seen so far and including my tournament (I was not the ref), the ref interpreted the rule as Adam T stated. I also believe this to be consistent with scoring past games. Having the ref verify touching a core or just another part of a cap requires too much inspection for the GDC to have intended that.

But I can’t wait to see what they say…

I totally agree. Too bad they wrote the opposite, though I get that the language is unclear and so they might not have realized they wrote the opposite.

For the record, I do agree with your (the correct) interpretation of what they wrote. And, that it is probably not what they (GDC) intended.

It will be interesting to see the answer. We have been interpreting it as it has been in past games, that a scoring object is not counted as scored if it is being touched by the robot of the same color for which the object would be scored. Or in other words, a cap scored by blue, would not count if it was being contacted by a blue alliance robot at the time the scores are tallied.