Clarification on Protected Zone

Can I please get some clarification on the protected zone. I want to make sure I understand this. This wallbot is a Red Team bot yet was blocking the blue team zone and was actually in the white lines. It camped there the entire match. Can someone please clarify that ruling because I’m confused as to whether this is legal or not.


As long as the robot doesn’t directly or indirectly touch the area within the inner tape, it’s fine. < SG3>, off the top of my head subsection F says you can’t indirectly touch the Inner Protected Zone (which is an instant DQ) and subsection B says that a robot completely within their protected zone can’t be touched ( which is a potential warning) so the wallbot might have to back up if the red robot rams into them.


this is legal, as long as the red wallbot doesn’t touch the blue robot while the blue robot is fully within their protected zone, or touch the blue inner protected zone

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Seems like blue has no problem scoring, Red is not scoring - so how is this match effecting? Annoying, yes.

If it turns out the at it is match effecting - well good chance of DQ.

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Awesome thank you for the clarifications. I just wanted to know more. I’ve read the rules and I misunderstood the inner protected zone. This is our first year and I don’t want trivial issues being a problem. I’d rather understand why something is the way it is so I can identify if it is an issue that we can address.

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If they touch you for long periods of time in the outer protected zone, or if they go into the inner protected zone. Other than that it’s perfectly legal