Clarification on SG3 (d) -goal under opponent’s platform

During a recent tournament, our team was dqed in the final based on the rule SG3 (d) by the judge:
“Placing a Mobile Goal on or under the opposing Alliance’s Platform, at any point during the Match is considered a minor violation of this rule that, at a minimum, will result in a warning.
i. If the placement is accidental, and immediately rectified (i.e. the Mobile Goal is immediately removed), then this violation will be considered a warning.
ii. If the placement is intentional and / or not immediately rectified, as judged by the Head Referee, then it will be considered a violation.
iii. Repeated, strategic, and / or egregious warnings may also escalate to a violation, at the Head Referee’s discretion.”

In the match, our team de-scored an opponent’s goal that is on their balanced platform by tilting their platform. As a result of such a move, that goal slide down the platform and landed on the floor. Part of the goal is under the overhang of the platform. At this point the platform is balanced under its own weight. The goal is not touching the platform and certainly doesn’t prevent our opponent from scoring more goals on top of this balanced platform.
At this point, the judge told our team driver to get the goal out from it’s current position (under the platform). Our team was dqed at end of the match because we failed to rectify that situation (our opponent pushed that goal further under the platform in subsequent game play making getting that goal out almost impossible).
What is considered a goal that is “under the platform”? The judge believes that as long as any part of the goal breaks the plane formed by the edges of the platform, it’s “under the platform”. We believe “under the platform” has a qualifier - the goal must prevent opponent team from scoring on a balanced platform (by touching the platform or stuck under the platform such that the platform can no longer become balanced).
Just want to understand what “under the platform” referred by SG3 (d) meant. Thanks!

They are referees, judges look at notebooks.

If you caused it to go under, you need to get it out from under there.


Fixed that for you.

Judges determine judged awards at event. Head Referees make determinations if rules have been broken in matches.


If the GDC wanted the rule to include contacting the platform, they would have done so.

The key to this rule is interfering with gameplay. So if the mobile goal prevents free game play in either directions, it is interfering with gameplay.

I hope this interpretation helps, if you are looking for official clarification of the rule, please post it to the Official Q&A on
(specifically this link - Robot Events )


Unfortunately, you are mistaken. The GDC has indicated in multiple Q&A responses that the mere presence of the goal causes the violation. Here is one of the Q&A that is pretty clear.
Q&A 970
Also, one section of the notes in the game manual references trying to descore a goal and having it go under the platform being a violation if not dealt with.

Attempting to retrieve a Mobile Goal from an opponent’s Platform (prior to the last 30 seconds), losing control, and dropping it back onto / underneath the Platform. ॰ If the Robot is able to immediately regain control and successfully retrieve the Mobile Goal: A warning, per point “d” part “i” ॰ If the Robot is unable to retrieve the Mobile Goal promptly: A violation which does interfere with gameplay, per point “d” part “ii”


Thank you for pointing out it’s the head referee who issued the violation. This post is not intended to challenge that judgement, but seek to understand rules better for our own sake.
True, the rule never mentioned “touching the platform”. In that regard, the head referee’s interpretation of a goal “under the platform
“ is spot on (any goal breaking the plane formed by the edges of the platform is considered “under the platform”). The season is still on going. We will adjust our game playing strategy accordingly. Thank you all for your feedback! Best luck to everyone!

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