Clarification on some rules

  1. Lets say it’s the last 30 seconds of a match and you’re trying to score the tall neutral mobile goal in your alliance zone, but it accidentally hits the touches the ref when placing it down because of another robot ramming you against the side of the wall. The ref removed the mobile goal at the end of the match and counted it as not scored because it hit the head touched the head ref. Was this correct ruling?

  2. A robot is trying to push the opposing alliance’s mobile goal to their side of the field but it accidentally tips over while they’re pushing it and descores rings, is this considered a violation?

Sorry this is the first time using vex forums and I don’t understand how the categories work.

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If the mobile goal makes contact with anything outside the field (including the head ref or any other person), then at that point it has “left the field” (see this Q&A). According to SG9, if a mobile goal leaves the field during the last 30 seconds, it is not returned.

Yes, that would be a violation of SG6, which would result in a disqualification if match-affecting.


Thank you for the clarification.

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