Clarification on Team Alliances

We are a new team that has not been to a competition yet. I cannot find a definitive answer to my question and don’t want to have any misconceptions.

Question: How are team alliances determined?

Are the team alliances two teams from the same school or pre-arranged prior to tournament or are alliances drawn randomly prior to the match for a total of four individual teams competing?

To start an event there will be qualification rounds. These are completely random. A computer generated list will be made.

The rankings after qualification rounds then dictates how alliances for the elimination rounds will be made.

The 1st ranked team will get to pick an alliance partner first, then the 2nd ranked team will get to pick a partner, and so on. If the 1st ranked team picks the 2nd place team, that is ok also. They just keep going down the list, so then the 3rd place team would pick a partner. Usually 8 alliances are formed. Not everyone will necessarily be a part of the elimination rounds. (depends on size of event)

There are lots of subtle things that happen along the way, but its hard to explain. You really only need to know what I have above. The rest you will learn as you experience it.

The process is also described in the game rules on this page.

Always check the documentation. :slight_smile: