Clarification on the Auton Win Point

In the scenario above, I’m going to assume that this only applies to robots ending autonomous while holding the mobile goal off the ground.
This definition for “cleared” is different than the game manual’s definition. The game manual states that the mobile goal mustn’t be touching either the neutral zone or AWP line, but this definition says that the goal must be in the home zone.
I think this is a big enough discrepancy between Q&A to be included in a manual update.
Since the two definitions (manual vs Q&A) are somewhat different, which rule should the referees in a tournament default to?


I think the contradiction made by the q&a response was not intentional, and I presume that they didn’t mean to say the goal had to be in the alliance zone (which of course, according to the definition in the manual, it doesn’t, it only needs to not be contacting the neutral zone.)


To be fair, if a goal isnt touching the neutral zone then it’s probably in your home zone.
Unless someone decided to push it all the way to the opponents side for some reason

Well, the neutral zone is an area, not a volume, so the bot could lift the goal and stop driving in the middle of the neutral zone while still holding the goal off the ground