Clarification on VEX U Skills and VUG1(a)

The Robot Skills section of the VEX U Appendix states that:

All rules apply from VRC Appendix B – Robot Skills Challenge, with no modifications. VEX U Teams
are permitted to use both Robots in their Robot Skills Challenge Matches, per , , and

Does this mean that both the 24" bot and the 15" bot will be on the field simultaneously during a skills match or that we can choose to use either the 24" or the 15" bot during our skills match. Traditionally, only one robot would be used in skills, making this a pretty significant change and I would like to make sure I am interpreting this right.

In addition, VUG1(a) states that:

a. Teams are allowed to build as many Robots as they would like, but only two (2) – one of each size
– may be brought from the pit to the playing field for any Match.

There is no specification here that the same two robots must be used for every match. For example, does this mean we can hypothetically bring 20 robots to a competition and pick 2 different robots every match? Also, since we are allowed to build as many robots as we would like, are we allowed to compete in the robot skills challenge with robots that are different from the ones we use to compete in regular qualification matches? For example, can we design two robots that are specialized for skills and then two robots that are specialized for competing against other teams?

Mihir Lad
Co-Chair of Team POLY1

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This year, VEXU teams will use two robots (one 24" and one 15") on the field simultaneously in skills matches.

VEXU teams have used two robots in skills in many previous seasons, most recently in Nothing but Net. When VEXU went to one robot per team for Starstruck and ITZ, this obviously changed. Last year, VEXU returned to two robots per team in normal gameplay, but stuck with one robot in skills. So this year’s return to two robots for VEXU skills is not without precedent.

Yes, this is allowed. Though bringing 20 robots will probably not make you very popular with the inspection crew.

Yes, building specialized skills robots is allowed and not uncommon in VEXU.