Clarification regarding size limits

Some of my teammates and I were discussing this new limitation and how this affects what designs we can come up with. One teammate has brought up tetherbots. So looking at the rules, this teammate has found that <SG3> states that you can not extend past the 18" volume (or for us, 15" and 24") except for the allowance listed in <SG10>, which states that you can extend horizontally past the limit within the Climbing Zone. Then, <SG12> states that if a bot is extended past the limit, then that team is responsible for any type of entanglement. So, for clarification, does this imply that tetherbots and the like are still legal?

No, tetherbots are definitely illegal.

The reason for <G12> specifically mentioning an action that is illegal under another rule is probably that the penalties for <G12> are different. If an action violates <G12> then it doesn’t need to be match affecting to result in a DQ.