Clarification Upon Usage of Code during Drive Control

Is it legal to use code to aid the drive control portion of the competition?

Ex. Button on controller would move the arm of the robot up completely

That is absolutely fine. In fact, I strongly recommend it! During our summer camp a group was having trouble lifting of of the post with their 4 bar, so they programmed a button to lift the lift and move the robot back at the same time so the rings would not get knocked out.

There are tons of tricks like this, just depends on your robot.

Buttons for driving straight go a long way for new teams and learning what driving straight looks/feels like. We have had teams program “super moves” that can do things better then they could drive! Two years ago I remember a team programming a button to pick up the entire side of the field before they took over driving.

Adding programming and sensors is one take on what makes robots not remote control cars…

Thanks guys!