Clarifications on Rule G6

This is G6.

Is it allowed to have a person fill the Programmer slot for more than one team when starting out the event season? Would a person become restricted to only programming for a single robot when the team(s) qualify? If the person is on said qualifying team during the qualification does the programmer retain their place on all of said teams?

See if any of the Q&A apply to your situation:

I think the guidance you are seeking is “When a Team qualifies for a Championship event…”

So the Programmer who programmed the robot can only work on that robot moving forward.

I am pretty sure the programmer may NOT be filling the programmer role on multiple teams heading to Championship event.

One thing to consider is contacting your RECF Regional Support Manager - they should be in the loop about such situations.

If you don’t know who the RSM is, let me know which state and I can help track them down.

I do not know that they are restricted to one bot. Instead it states that the team that earned the spot is the team that attends the event, and the programmer must stay the same. It does seem to state anything about a programmer fulfilling the role for more than one team.

To my understanding, the following scenario is legal. Teams A and B are programmed by student1, and team C is programmed by student 2.
If Teams A and B qualify, but not C, then student 1 fulfills the role of programmer for both teams, and student 2 may not. They can join teams A or B in other roles, but not as a programmer.

Conversely if only C qualifies, student 1 could not act as a programmer, and would have to support in another capacity if they wanted to attend and participate.

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As far as I’m aware there are no official roles on a team other than driver and drive team member.
You can’t drive a different bot once you’ve driven a different one or been on the drive team, per G6, but other than driving/drive team I don’t think there are any restrictions on switching teams.

Please read <G6> thoroughly:

Drive your own Robot. Each Team shall include up to three (3) Drive Team Members. No Drive Team Member may fulfill this role for more than one Team in a given competition season.

When a Team qualifies for a Championship event (e.g., States, Nationals, Worlds, etc.) the Students on the Team attending the Championship event are expected to be the Students on the Team that was awarded the spot. Students can be added as support to the Team but should not be added as Drive- Team Members or programmers for the Team.

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Ah apparently I can’t read, sorry about that.

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