Clarifications regarding Live Remote Worlds 2021

@Brad_Lauer - Hope I am pinning the right person. But would appreciate if you can help to redirect my questions if you are not the best person that I should be looking for.

Context - Due to the recent surge in Covid cases in Singapore, our Ministry of Education (MOE) is tightening the safe measures guidelines, etc.

And part of the guidelines will be to minimise the congregation of students during activities, etc.
So I will need some info regarding how certain events will be done during Worlds.

Can I know if the Driver Meeting and Parade of Nations will be livestreamed via Youtube (i.e. similar to how townhall meeting was conducted) ? Or are the teams expected to login to some specific platforms to participate in it?

Because if it can be done from their own home, then we won’t get the students to gather in the lab unnecessary.



To watch the event, you only need to go the REC Foundation’s Youtube channel. The only times that teams need to be logged into the system are Inspection and Matches. Students will be able to watch the Driver’s meeting and Opening Ceremony from their homes. I hope that this helps, good luck at VEX Worlds!