Clarifying The use of Non-Vex Parts in Game

Hey guy, I was wondering what they meant in the inspection checklist “Robot does not use VEX products not intended for use as a robot component or any VEX packaging.” I was thinking of putting an FPV camera that transmits separately from the cortex on the bot to see from the bot’s perspective. Would this be allowed in game?

That statement on the inspection checklist means you should not use stuff like VEX sweatshirts, VEX water bottles or other non-robot-intended stuff for the robot. VEX packaging refers to stuff like the boxes and bags the parts are in when they arrive.

The camera should be okay.

The camera recording is ok, streaming video back to something else isn’t. So, no.
(Its a bit old and I remember there being a newer one, but I don’t have the time to find it right now.)