Class scheduling major conundrum

Hi everyone,

I have a major dilemma with my school. Last year I had one Robotics class and purchased enough kits to use with 24 students. (12 VEX V5 kits and 4 super kits) I was told at the end of last year that I would have only one robotics class with about the same number of kids. No problem, we have the kits!

However, I just learned that I will now teach 2 robotics classes with about 50 students between both classes. I only have 12 kits and no room to add anymore because of storage.

Does anyone have any great ideas on how to handle this? I really don’t want 3-4 kids on a kit because there will always be kids who are not either building, programming or helping out. Thank you for any suggestions you can provide.

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Well of course ordering kits isn’t an option in the first place due to back order. But keep in mind while you have a class, many robotics team have as many as 5 people on the team. I’m sure you can make 3-4 people work. One person notebooking (vital part of engineering), two people building, and one person coding. I don’t know if you plan to only build clawbots, but even if you do that, you can have the builder always try to figure out how to make the claw bot better for it’s purpose. The coder can always try and make some more complex programs, like instead of simply coding buttons to move the claw and go forwards backwards, have them complete a course you build for them, or use the current VRC challenge.


You might want to consider using EXP for one of the classes, far less space for storage needed.


You can find most of the parts you need except for the brain/battery/controller so have students design their robot where the brain is easily removed.

Each brain can have multiple programs. As long as they don’t overwrite each other’s program you might be able to use them like a laptop.

Or mount the brain / battery on an assembly, 5x30 plate, which can be swapped.


That sounds like a good idea. However, we are also using part of the Carnegie Mellon VEX V5 curriculum which involves just building and running gear and drive train models. I’m not too sure what the other students in the group could be doing during these lessons.

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I would use VEXcode VR to supplement what you are doing with the physical robots. There are both activities and curriculum that you can utilize. I would do a rotation where one class was able to build and engineer for 3 weeks, while the other class coded the VR robot. Then switch.

Moving forward, I would echo what @jpearman said and look at the EXP platform to help maximize storage.