Classroom Activities using the Green Clawbots

My Class nearly has 4 of the green claw bots built, I am looking for activities or games we can play using them with the basic remote controls before we get into programming.


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Get some 3 inch balls (tennis balls work), designated scoring zones, and have 2 alliances race to get as many balls in their scoring zones as possible. For more of a challenge give the scoring zones walls so the claw bots have to lift the balls in.


If you have any ITZ cones then stacking those also works well

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I like Hacky sack balls since they squish and are easier for the claw to grab. Set up with some 16 oz coffee containers on the floor and/or a few raised up a few inches (depending on the reach of your clawbots). You can add to the complexity by where you place the sacks vs containers vs on field obstacles to move around.

You can also play a version of Clean Sweep with a center partition (tool boxes).


Make a maze with cones from in the zone and code it to go through without using the remote.

You talking about programming them? I will use that idea when we get there, I want to do some fun control based stuff after building them before we get into programming them.

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So as in Green clawbots you’re refering to cortex clawbots right?

Try making an obstacle course or maze to drive through.

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Have you ever seen v5 come in green? Lol.
Yeah it’s the cortex most likely.

Well the gears are green, and they may be using a V5 motor to power a claw for cortex. However most new V5 gears built for the V5 clawbot are red, so the new Vex gears are going to be red.

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This claw

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Is that usable with the V5 motor?

Yes you can. I’d use the slow speed cart on the motor since it’s pretty quick to open/close. And be careful with all the torque, that cart will be able to snap the plastic arm gears.

It’s fun to have, but it’s not useful for this years game, the claw has a tough time with the cube.

Yes, cortex. We’ve got 2 V5s now, but everyone including me is starting from scratch and 2 V5s is difficult to use with 18 students, we’ve got 6 Cortex

Vex has somebody classroom activities with V5 but I’m not sure for cortex I guess you could model it.

VEX has about 9 years of Classroom Activities for the Cortex :grinning: and another 3 for the PIC, systems that were before the V5.

@eleslie you might want to reach out to Robot Mesh to see how compatible their Python programming is between Cortex and V5.

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Does Vex have information about their old system on their website?

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