Classroom Kits not suitable for competition?

I was under the impression that the classroom kits were suitable for the competition, however, we realise that the robots are unable to pick up the VEX change up field balls. Has anyone come across this problem too?

I would assume this is because the claw is too small? If not ignore this post.

Suitable only means dressed for the occasion, there is a fine difference between the prom king and a dancer. The claw provided is like the guy with that tux-t-shirt, it exists, but there are improvements to be made. If you have extra metal, consider extending your claw to grab the full of the ball.

You might have to dress up a little more, and get a suit on. Your claw as it stands can probably only descore from the sounds of it. So ask yourself how you can do more, specifically score, meaning how can you modify this claw to grab balls.

So yes suitable, but it can definitely be better.
Side note: if you don’t have extra parts I don’t know how to help.

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The game objects are different each year. Sometimes the Clawbot will be able to manipulate them and sometimes not.
The purpose of the competition is to design your own robot and the Competition kits are best suited to this. The Classroom Super Kit has parts you’d probably never use in competition but that are better for using in classroom lessons, with the STEM Labs or with the Classroom Competition Swept Away Field which is much smaller than a VRC Field.


Thanks for your reply. Yes, the claw is too small for the game elements. Will need to see how I can manipulate the build.

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Yes, as soon as we received our kit, we realized that there’s no way the claw’s going to be useful at all this year, unless if you can somehow use it as a descoring mechanism. I recommend either going for a simple snailbot or even a bot with a lift if the resources allow it.

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The hero bot from this year says it requires a competition super kit. You can look at the build instructions and see what additional parts you will need. That will get them moving.


I am pretty sure you can build it with a Competition Starter actually, that looks like a typo to me.

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