Classroom vex challenge

Thought a few of you might find this interesting…

Attached are 2 photos. The first is of some 3-d printed ball stands used in our classroom challenge. The second is a shot of the field.

Challenge goal: earn the most points.
Teams earn points by collecting colored balls, with bonuses for collecting both balls of a single color and another bonus for collecting at least one of each color. Points can also be earned for removing white ball from the field (must land outside on the first bounce). Black balls are penalties if knocked off. Bit more detail to it than that, but that’s the basic idea.

Just launched this, and the kids are very excited. Today was only the second real building day, and already they have some interesting designs. Some work, some don’t… yet!

2017-02-09 22.21.19.jpg

2017-02-09 22.21.47.jpg

Awesome, good stuff! Grat idea for the field perimeter as well.

Thanks, Calvc01!
Not sure if the photo shows this off too well, but I cut several of the tee fittings to create “snap fittings.” The result is that all the inner elements are modular, allowing me to easily rearrange them to create new designs.