Claw & arm can't pick the rings from the Ring Master challenge, what can I change?

What builds have you created that went well with the Ring Master challenge, automated or not.

My only problem is picking up the rings as they are too low to the ground from the robot claw/arm.

Search in youtube for Vex IQ Ringmaster, there are a few manipulators in there. Also, the VEX ringmaster video has a decent one for picking up off of the 3 ring loads

My kids are using rubber bands and connector pins down low to get a little more traction on the rings. There are some good videos on youtube for Ringmaster, but also check out old EDR competitions. There was one that had rings as a game element, and the kids found some inspiration there too. Sorry, I’m spacing on the name for that year.

Quad Quandry was the VEX/FTC game from 2007-2008, and Round Up was the VRC game from 2010-2011. Good luck!

VEX has also created a new robot called Stretch, which is designed to handle the rings for Ringmaster.

Here is a link to the build instructions:

Stretch is a very capable robot for Ringmaster. I expect to see a lot of tournaments (especially early in the season) won by a Stretch type of robot.


There is also a simple tweak for the Clawbot which works just fine for picking up single rings: