Claw bot illegal? 😬

The claw bot is literally illegal in this next game due to the expansion limit. The best part is that they used a claw bot in the reveal video. Big oversight by vex if you ask me.


The clawbot is not illegal, but if you use it in specific ways (raising the lift all the way) it can be illegal. Also, games are not designed around the clawbot. Games are designed for teams to innovate and create new designs that are better for games than other designs they could make easily (such as the clawbot). The clawbot is a great place to learn how to build things and to get some robot experience, but is not really designed to be a competitive robot.


Wait… Why is it illegal? Just don’t expand, and in the last 10 seconds you can expand and tip the clawbot to have endgame points for covering as many tiles as possible.


The OP is talking about when it lifts. I don’t know how big the clawbot is when the lift is lowered, but if it’s near the 18” limit then lifting with the arc will put it out of horizontal restrictions


I didn’t watch the video fully, are you not allowed to expand out past 18 inches for all but the last 10 seconds of the match?

Ummm… please check around before posting. There has been great discussion around this across many topics and it says clearly in the video. Please don’t ask questions that are answered in the video. It takes minimal effort on your part to rewatch the video.


Alright, and I’ll also make sure not to post memes in general next time to. Thanks for the answer! :slight_smile:

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Yes. In theory the claw bot could be legal as long as it doesn’t expand in the fist 110 second. How are the referees going to keep track of that though? It’s not like they can measure out in the middle of the field during a match.

I mean most bots wont extend because its a waste of a motor and they could have just built it to where it starts in that position. Any who do extend prob will get checked

There would be no point in extending because they could not mike it into the goal

Yeah they added a vertical expansion limit so you are not allowed to expand to a certain extent in its page 33 rule SG5 its 24" above the foam tiles, and I think its a little inconvenient to some people that I know that were considering a claw bot after they used one in the trailer but the rules say otherwise soooo

Remember that the clawbot is a trainer, a robot design to learn how the VEX Robotics system works and to learn good construction technique, such as using bearings and gear ratios. It was never intended to play a specific game, nor a good choice for any serious competitor. After a novice team has learned to build with the VEX Robotics system, much better game-specific designs should be worked out by the team. For absolute novices, VEX releases a pre-designed build: a basic trainer which can play the current game at a rudimentary level. Again, not a choice for a serious competitor, but a way for a novice team to get started.


We were considering making a frisbee hog that holds like 30 rings and places them ten at a time, we drew up a bunch of designs and decided on one and we were literally about to cad it but then… then the game manual. Now we’re making a shooter bot

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Good looks! I’m just now seeing this and it makes me glad that you have read the rules and have demonstrated your understanding of them. Many robots in reveal videos are not legal for competition use or they do things that are impossible for those robots to do! There have even been floating robots in the reveals before.

Remember, the game unveil is just a representation and all of the official rules are in the Game Manual and it’s accessories like the Q&A and Appendices.


This one is my favorite


Never could I have imagined the claw bot would be that competitive
Also clawbot going directly on the center platform without going on alliance platforms in turning point:VEX Robotics Competition Turning Point: 2018-2019 VRC Game - YouTube


From what I’ve seen, if the sizing is called into question, the robot will be inspected in any states that might cause it to expand illegally, and the referees will watch the robot from then on to make sure the driver doesn’t put the robot in one of those states.

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yeah I think that game manual ruined a lot of people’s ideas :joy: :joy:


The round up animation is unbelievably cursed.
It now haunts my dreams.


Thank @ Cody for that: