Claw Breaks in competition!!!

Hi. I have just started vex forum today and i need help!!! Last competition, our claw broke almost every round. Does any one have any advice for when that happens?

p.s- (I have a 4 bar lift)

Can we get a picture? That might help in diagnosing the problem.

I can do that at tomorrows meeting!!!

I think we had the bolts in the wrong spot.

what happened when the claw broke? did it just sort of die, or did the motors wear out, or did you burn out a motor controller, or did it just fall apart?

looking at your posts, you really should test stuff out before taking it anywhere

yes, my team and I have not been able to test our robot because we were focusing on building the robot. I will make sure to practice driving and testing everything out frequently. Thank you for the help!!!

If parts of it were separating I would recommend adding a couple of rubber bands

Yeah, it just fell apart, ill try adding them!!!

Any other advice???

Nylocks. And triangles. And circles.


Nylock nuts are more secure. And triangles and circles are the most stable shapes. So if you want something to not break, use them in your design and build.

thank you. ill try that!!!

Can you do that with Vex IQ???

Are you an IQ person?

If you are from IQ then I suggest you ask on Vex IQ Forums as this is the Vex EDR Forum.

If you’re asking about nylocks, then no. IQ uses pins not screws