claw controls don't work for autoprogram

our kids have their bot set on driver controls for regular use but are now attempting an autoprogram. Everything works but the claw control. Is it something we are missing in easy C? We tried the get motor rotations button and the get motor degrees button and neither works.Any ideas anyone?

It always help to post the code listing (or in your case a screen shot) of what you’ve programmed. Without looking at the code all we can say is “You are doing it wrong” which isn’t helpful.


Here is a screenshot of our program…


Looks good, if you move the claw code to the first step what happens?

Just a check, the claw motor is plugged into the same port that you declared [Claw] to be in right? And everything is clicked in solidly?

yes.the motor is plugged in correctly. (Sorry for late response we got snow out of school last Tuesday and I left my laptop with the program on it there.) The claw also works fine when the kids are using the remote control. We’ll move the claw code to first line this afternoon when we meet up.