Claw Design Ideas

If any of the teams on here are willing to share, we are building a claw on our robot and we are stuck and can’t think of any ideas. If anyone would like to share we would love for some ideas or prototypes of builds to help us along.


Hi @MarkJordan11 welcome to the forums. What do you want to do with the claw, and since you started the claw already, where are you stuck?

Look at some ringmaster videos from 2018-2019 (the good days)
That will (hopefully) give you some ideas

We built a claw to pick up a platform. But the claw was too heavy for the four bar to pick up the claw and the platform

I’m just going to assume that by platform you mean mobile goal, not the actually platforms since they’re anchored to the field.

If your current claw is too heavy, there’s no shame in making your 4 - Bar mechanism slower to have more strength. However, if you still want to make a new claw, I would recommend have these things to reduce weight.

  • As small as possible of beams going around or touching a goal
  • Piston activated claw (if possible. It helps keep weight down since pistons weigh almost nothing in comparison to a motor or the extra c - channel you would need to use).
  • As little amounts of pieces as possible (make sure that the claw is still stable though).

You could also add rubber bands to your lift to help fight the weight of it. People use these commonly on Double Reverse 4 - Bars, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t use them on this design.


@Diz are you talking about a pneumatic pump clamp?

Yes, I am. By piston I mean the actual piece that’s powering the claw. Obviously, It would need to be powered by an actual pneumatic system.

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I would recommend using a pneumatic pump system and something like a standoff with a grip system( foam padding or rubber bands). That would mean the claw would have better grip of the mobile goal, and the piston system would be keeping the weight down. As Diz had stated, if you want to elevate the mobile goals, you should probably go with a four bar, or a 2 bar mechanism with a torque gear system. That would also mean that the four bar would be slow, but it would have more strength.