Claw Design? Pneumatics or Motors

Pneumatics or motors. Currently I am using pneumatics but I feel that I could use motors. However motors can over heat. On the flip side, using pneumatics you can run out of air.

have u ever ran out of air in a 2 min period?

Motors are better. You will definitely run out of air if you have a very competitive match

I haven’t yet and I have had some competitive matches.

But I think its safer to go with motors.

Why is that?

If u don’t run out of air with pneumatics. And you don’t overheat with motors. Which one Is better and why?

Just in case you run out of air, we had a pneumatic infused dumper mechanism that was very low air at the end of each match. But with the case you stated above pneumatics would be quicker to dump.

Cool. But I don’t run out of air.

I think that a pneumatic claw is better. The release speed is faster and can assist in getting game objects in the far zone consistently if timed correctly.

This is true that they release faster, but remember that the reservoirs are pretty heavy.

Alright so what’s good about a motor claw?

Motorized claws also usually have a larger capacity. The release time between motors and pneumatics is rather minimal with a 5:1 ratio

I currently have a pneumatic claw and i can run for over 2 minutes constantly practicing without running out of air and the reservoirs are heavy but the extra weight doesn’t matter much if you make your robot decently light cause i am running turbo motors on my drive and i am completely fine. Also with the capacity it is all how you make it cause my pneumatic claw can get 6-7 stars.

But this question is all a personal preference on which you want to do considering the rest of your robot. I have had both and i honestly like the pneumatic one better

What is the length of spacing between your 2 claws. And also what gear ratio do you have on ur claw. Last but not least how many motors are your using for your lift, and drive

The spacing between my claws is around 25 and it is a pneumatic claw and there is just no gears, when i had my motorized claw it was 1:5. Then i have a 4 motor drive and 6 motor arm.

25 holes ok. So having a 4 motor turbo drive is risky in this especially with a claw. Because with my experience the stars that I lift end up burning my 2 front drive motors out. How did u get away with it?

I will pm you Chasejahay dont want to give out all my robot secrets to the public yet


we use two pneumatic pistons on our claw and have not had a problem with air