Claw design

Does anyone know how to build a claw that faces the floor at all times. I have seen some of the teams using it, but cant figure out how.

That’s not a matter of claw design, but lift design. A lift such as a 4-bar, DR4B, or chain bar will all keep a mounting point level. You can search the forum for many threads on the topic of those types of lifts.

multiple ways:
way one- use a chain bar lift
way 2- use 4B, 6B, DR4B, or DR6B.
you can look up those various lifts.
@Aponthis - you beat me to it! I was literally typing up my response and I saw your response pop up :stuck_out_tongue:

I know that but the claw stays facing down even when it is attached to a moving bar

That is a chain bar.

Take a look at this video from our very Griffin Tabor. It’s commonly called a “chain bar” on the forum.

it is part claw design as well (NO OFFENSE) how you grasp the cone has a lot to do with how fast you stack the cone. if the cone is grasped weirdly you will have to spend a few seconds fixing the cone into a proper position. mean while you could be grabbing another cone. (applies mostly to chain bar users)

Keeping a claw level has nothing to do with what the claw itself looks like, unless it is absurdly heavy or some other type of extreme circumstance. It’s entirely down to what is holding the claw. The original question was about how to keep a claw level.

Think the original question is about how to do a top-grabbing claw instead of a side-grabbing claw.

The phrase “at all times” seems to indicate it is about keeping the claw level.

Let’s examine the original post…

Yes… OP mentioned “at all times”… but “what” is at all times? The claw that faces the floor.

Of course, I could be wrong. Only the OP can clarify it.

The robot in the video example seemed to have a claw that grabbed from the side, and OP wanted help with that. Thus I interpret his request as trying to keep the claw level, not build a claw that grabs from above (which is not in the example video).

Fair enough…
But guess only the OP can tell us exactly what he/she is looking for…

currently the vid example listed is not in agreement with the phrasing of the question…