Claw Designs

Hi Guys,
We’ve decided to change our robot to a modifies claw bot from a dump. Are there are good design/gear ratios out there? If so please share some examples? We don’t know where to start.


There are teams that have used pneumatic claws or a 2 motor claw. If you’re going with a claw design, use rubber bands for tension. Also, I highly recommend using the 1 by two by one c channel. If you have any questions, pm me since some of our teams have good claw bots

@Mudkip would you mind posting a couple of close-up and overall pictures of a good claw design?

Some good gear ratios for the claw with 2 motors are either 1:5 with high strength or 1:7 for speed which is slightly faster.

@VexTRex I am very sorry, but I currently don’t have any pictures. I am pm them to you later next week, but if you go on YouTube and search for “Vex starstruck claws,” I’m sure you’ll find some great ideas.