When a claw is extended, does it have to stay within the 18" dimensions?

The rules are very clear on this. Here’s a link -


Please take a look at rule SG2 in the game manual, which described allowable expansion after the match starts:

If you have additional questions after reading the manual, feel free to post again.

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If you read the manual, it says that there is a max expansion of 36". In this case, only at the start of the match will the claw have to be in the 18x18x18.

- Henry 344E

Where did the game manual mention the 36" expansion?

Please get yourself a copy of the game manual or download the VRC Hub to your phone. Then read the game manual. I even told you where to look in my previous post, but you would do well to read the entire manual, before you post again to the vexforum.


It appears to me you are getting started and have not yet explored the various resources for VEX Robotics Competition. I would bookmark the following:

and go straight to the Getting Started for Students:

then read through the section about competition:

There you will find the Game Manual, as others have said read it, read it again, and read once more.

Once you have read the Game Manual, I highly recommend you take the VRC Drive Team Training Course for 2023-2024 season.

I suspect once you read and understood the Game Manual and have passed the Drive Team final exam, you will be read to post questions on the Forum quoting specific areas of the Game Manual that you seek clarification.

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