Claw Gearing

HS or Normal gears on a claw whats better I’m trying to decide what to use

Well it depends completely on your application. What gear ratio are you going for from your motor? If it’s 1:1, I usually go with the 12 tooth metal gear or high strength 36 tooth. But if there is not mich strain on the pivit points when the claw closes, it should be fine if you use regular 12 or 36 tooth gears.

normal gears are probably fine.
In the days before HS gears, where did we have trouble with normal gears?
The most common place to use gears is in the arm shoulder joint.

  • 2 motors -12t to 60t to axle to locking bar to 18" arm : slips in the 60t axle hub.
  • 2 motors -12t to 60t bolted to 18" arm: usually fine
  • 2 motors -12t to 60t:12t to 60t to 24" arm: 25:1 ratio often breaks the last 12t, pre metal pinions.
  • 4 motors - 12t to 60t usually breaks 12t
  • 4x (motor -12t) to 60t probably ok.

Based on these experiences (vs some calculations), normal gears should be fine under these typical claw operation conditions:

  • if claw arms are shorter than 18",
  • with 2 or fewer claw motors
  • with single stage of gearing

That said, its always a good idea to replace 12t normal gears
with 12t metal pinion gears, unless you are counting on them as a fuse-clutch.