claw idea help Please.

Claw ideas for picking up cones. Help please. we need ideas.

To find claw ideas for picking up cones, you can search this forum (I recommend using google to search this forum by placing “” after your search query) for robot reveals and ideas. Also, you can search google in general as well as youtube for videos and/or images of robots that other people have built. Good luck.

thanks! first time at robotics

You are welcome.

Search “Vex in the zone robot reveal” on youtube to see robot inspiration. Look at the different claws/intakes and see which one you like best.

Honestly, the cones are super easy to pick up. They weigh almost nothing, so pretty much any design that can keep a decent grip will do fine. You can do something like a 1:1 speed motor with a simple one by claw or use small c channels. Even the claw on the default vex claw bots works well.

My team is using a set of spinning rubber bands to intake the cone.

honestly the best claw design I’ve seen in the /\ shaped on, that picks up cones from the top.

? do you have any links or pictures

i believe that @To_Bi_As means the OSIZR

yeah that would make sense, as someone who built that claw already you’d think i would know that

There are good passive designs that are out there but not on this forum, but I think I have the best active design out there. @Highwayman (who built OSIZR) actually is switching to my intake design. But, I’m not revealing it until I reveal my whole robot, which is not yet done. Sorry to tease! I will say, it has been shown on this forum, but what we have seen of it on this forum is far from capturing the full potential of the design.

yes, I mean the one like OSIZR has. I made one similar, but with a rubber band going across the 2 pinchers, that allows for better grip, and makes the intake passively closed. it also works like a mousetrap if you pull it all the way open and set it on the floor. :wink:

Use side rollers.


if you have a lift capable of innerstacking, use some sort of a vertical claw design, as it makes stacking much easier, but if you don’t, the best design is simply a 45 degree c channel claw, mounted horizontally.

That’s what I have.
The meta is evolving…