Claw ideas for towertakeovver

does anybody have good claw ideas or examples for this game this year need some ASAP PLese HeLp

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Search Up 81K On Youtube Look At There Videos

Might want to switch this to VRC discussion fyi

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Does anybody have any passive intake ideas?

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try this thread

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Given V5 I wouldnt do passive this game only has 1 scoring option use your motors

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The design I have in mind though would not allow my team to have a motor on the intake.

No specifics but I’m using a passive with a manual release so I can pick up the cubes in multiple ways with other motors


Nice My Claw Idea is exactly what 81k did with the string

The only problem I see with that is that you can’t back up when placing your stacks. You don’t even really need a lift if you can stack and then drive back from the scoring zone, but that string forces you to expand to the top of the stack, which also limits your stack height.

My team is planning to use 81k’s first idea because of how easy it would be for autonomous and have some kind of lift as well.

I saw Something else on you tube search zach929u then go to his video of the iQ game autonomous. Its one of his first

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@GBONMTCY you may want to look at that

I have seen that too but it would limit the space on the robot you have to make a lift to put cubes in towers.

If you put that in the middle and the lift on the sides it shouldn’t interfere

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