Claw ideas or a way of grabbing cubes?

Me and my team are having some trouble finding ideas for how to grab cubes, Were thinking using a arm and some sort of claw but were not for sure. Any idea would be very appreciated.

I’m pretty sure the category is IQ. They have cubes in IQ too.
Even though I do edr, I would advise that you make a hook of some kind to hook the cubes and lift them, saving you a motor. But this is just my idea, feel free to consider a claw too.
A claw would allow you to release anytime you wanted, but I dont really see why you would release it mid air.

I would recommend using ideas from skyrise in vrc.


Yes I agree, the cubes in skyrise are a lot like the cubes you use right now. Just keep in mind manipulating cubes is not the only objective :wink:


Yeah so i would recommending a Turning Point robot and a Skyrise bot.

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this helped us get a lot of ideas in the works, Thanks.


The process I teach is… first write out a problem statement (e.g. we want to be able to get the green cubes onto the platforms)… then you write a list of requirements for you solution (e.g. has to be < 15", can only use 2 motors, has to be able to lift cube about 10"). Then brainstorm ideas. Finally compare the ideas to the requirements and pick the one that is best

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I have a system up that has a conveyor using tank treads and a lift connected to it, it uses the conveyor to put balls on top of cubes. Hope this helps!