Claw issues

My team has been using a claw on our robot that has a 1:7 ratio and we are trying to figure out which of the three internal motor configurations would work the best. The standard, the high speed or the turbo.

Why don’t you experiment with those gear ratios yourself?

We had standard ones and if we change it we would need to order them first

393 motors always ship with a set of high speed internals. At least ry that first.

Please don’t say that

My team has found that you should try to gear down as much as possible. So I would stick with the standard configuration. If you can, I would even gear down even further than 1:7. If you add some elastics you can have the speed of a 1:5 but never worry about dropping stars or burning out the motors.

Use standard. That’s what we use and we have no stalling issues.

our sister team used 1:7 HS and it turned out to be quite successful, I personally find it too slow for my driving style and strategy, but regardless, it works really well. My preferred claw ratio is 1:5 HS this quite quick and complements the rest of our robot. Please note that we use some sort of fork underneath our claw, which completely changes the requirements of the claw, as it only needs to hold the objects in place rather than grabbing them. i have also talked to teams using a pure claw design and they have found the aforementioned ratio insufficent, and they have decided to got with a 1:7 torque.

From what I see on your robot, I would recommend gearing the internal motors with the high-speed gears. this should be the ideal ratio for that type of design, but it will require to you position your robot more instead of grabbing everything near the robot. if this ratio stalls, you will obviously be required to change to torque gears. but if you notice that the claw is too slow, and you don’t stall at all with high-speed gears, you can experiment with turbo internal gears, (i would recommend trying 1:5 HS if you don’t have turbo gears) but be prepared to switch back.