Claw Lock

My team has been trying to figure out how to make our claw flip inside and be within 18x18x18. Anyone found any locks and mechanisms. We have already seen many of the locking mechanisms out there however we find that they won’t work with our claw because our claw is really wide. So does anyone have any other ways of folding their claw in and then making it flip out other than the ways that are already online.

We found that you don’t really need a lock; just rubber bands should be enough to keep the claw firmly secured down.

It is almost like have a lock on a dumper.

We were trying to make our claw fold in on an angle instead of folding back the claws or just making it fold in vertically.

I’ve tried doing this but in the end I cant fold the claw up (and have it stay up). any advice?

You could try having the claw be held on something on the tower and then come down with the power of rubber bands when the claw opens.

That is what we do. Just make sure it’s not holding/hitting motors.

Do this Claw deploying mechanism - YouTube