Claw Motor Going One Direction

When trying to test my claw, it seems like when I press the button to open it, the claw works fine. But whenever I try to press the button to close it, the right motor closes, but the left motor halts to close. Does/did anyone have the same problem, and how did you fix it?
The code is simple just to test the claw:

	else if(vexRT[Btn5D]==1){

Try switching the motor controllers between the 2 motors. See if that makes the right motor fail to go in a certain direction while the left works fine. It’s not uncommon for a broken motor controller to only work unidirectionally.

If the motor controller turns out to be the culprit, change it for a working one (obviously).

Sorry, I forgot to mention this, but the motor which is having the issue is on port 10 (Which is a two-wire port). I switched both and the right had the issue. Would it be considered port 10 has an error on my CORTEX?

Yes, the H-bridges used to drive motors in ports 1 and 10 are notorious for failure. I would recommend staying away from using them if possible for a competition robot.

I had the same exact problem on the same exact port… The solution… just replace your cortex or rewire your cortex both work

Ok, I replaced the internals of my CORTEX and it works just fine now. Thank you!

Replace the motor controller and if that doesn’t work u need to replace the motor

This is not the cause of the problem nor the solution.