Claw motors spazzing?

So guys, I had two torque motors on my vertical claw and it worked fine. Then one of the motors went bad so I put a new one on. Now it does not matter what combo of motors I put on eg. just one or two new or two old. It spazzes when i try to open it up on the shut it works good and will still open but it just stutters a bit. Any ideas?

Stuttering VEX motors are caused (95%+) by sending two different motor speed commands in the same software loop. Check your code carefully.

This may also be a motor stalling out. If you have any rubber bands on the claw, try taking them off and trying again.

i tried taking the rubber bands off and with two brand new motors. No change

@robot guy your robot seems to work all right. Also check out conversation Motors acting strange? this could hep u out

Also note the guy who copied your robot made his taller and doesn’t seem to spaz anymore

i looked it over

Did it help you

not really

hopefully when i turn the hold power down that will help

We will see but i tried that with mine all it did was make it slower but kept spazzing out

well IDK then

A motor controller problem may be the case, 90% of the time for a bad motor for us was because of a bad motor controller. Hope this helps!

Me and @robotguy got it to work he had two different lines of code for his arm motor. This meant those to were fighting each other. Causing the spazzing. We got it figured out.

I may know the problem. I think it is the cortex’s PTC. What are your ports? Could you label them based on usage like this
port 1 LU or HU
Port 2…


He had one line that was channel 6 and another line with the same port was on channel 7