CLAW options

Please we need your help, our group is looking forward to different CLAW options.

Could someone propose us some good ideas for our robot??

Thank you all!

Top grabbing claw, side grabbing claw–that’s about all I’ve seen so far.

Pretty much what @Easton said. There are many ways to build the Aerial claw. Two very efficient aerial claws are OSZIR BY ALBA (Here.) and Wingus and Dingus (Here.) As for the traditional inwards grabbing claw, here’s a good example from @antichamber (Here). We use a passive intake because it is lighter and takes up one less motor. Our passive intake can also stack on stationary goals. Because of that I recommend using a passive intake (Good example: (Here) , but you’re free to use whatever you would like.

  • Akira

One of my favorites is here

All hail the Octo-claw