Claw parts

Hello! I am building a robot in my school, and we are required to have a claw but the parts aren’t in the box? We’re trying to find the correct pieces to order them, but until then, can anyone tell me what parts are needed?

Thank you!

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Are you trying to find the V5 Claw that is red and black or the clawbot claw that is silver and green,


Black and red, Sir. Thank you!

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I was told by my facilitator that the silver and green claw would be of incorrect size to use

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I’ve never worked with the v5 claw but I not sure you can make it out of spare parts. What does the green claw lack?

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I think it can’t open to 5.5 inches

That’s a good question, the teacher won’t tell us. It looks like it’d work just fine tbh

Ask if it’s because it’s not big enough. If so just scrap one of them to extend one. It helps it open a lot wider.

If working with V5, it would be very easy to shred the old style claw using a V5 motor.

What kit did you have? The Competition Super Kit was the only one without the claw i think so if you were missing it from one of the kits that should have had it, just contact VEX and get one shipped. The V5 claw isn’t available as a separate line yet I don’t think.

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Yes, I do believe that we got the Super Kit, but i’ll have to check to make absolutely sure. Could we really just contact them to get one? (I’m asking because the entire class has been hard at work looking for parts to one)

If you have the Competition Super Kit then no, as I don’t believe this is intended to be shipped with a claw so it would be correct that you don’t have one.

If you have one of the other starter kits (Classroom Starter, Classroom Super or Competition Starter) then it should have shipped with a claw and then you should contact VEX.


Thank you so much! I cannot even stress to you how long we’ve been working to get these parts!

Can this happen? I’ve shred some of the small green gears before but after I used a metal gear we never had problems even with v5

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So it is the competition super kit box 1, do you have any blueprints for a claw that we could build from scratch? She told us that it came with the green claw but that it didn’t open wide enough to pick the cubes up, so we couldn’t use it.

You could make a custom claw like ours. We just have two walls of mesh backed by an aluminum plate that close on cubes.

I don’t know what you are trying to do with the claw, but you could make a less complex version of this claw.

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