claw problem

My teams claw opens well but when it grabs something it won’t open back up for a while, has this happened to anyone else and does anyone know what the problem is?

I had this Issue several times before.

The issue is probably that you are tripping the internal PTC in the motor. Try the Following:

  1. After you grab something with the claw, try releasing the button and letting the spring hold it.
  2. or add rubber bands to the claw to hold it shut
  3. Set it to a default motor power of like 8 to hold it closed without the full motor power

Inspector Gadget is totally right. You are tripping the internal PTC of the motor. We had this same issue with both of our bots and ultimately realized that was our issue. What we did was when it happened, count to 3 (as in 3 seconds). This gives the PTC time to reset.

#3 works very well, even if you are using a custom claw without rubber bands or springs. We have a claw that idles at 30 power and never trips the PTC, and holds on to the Skyrise no problem.