Claw Stops working and Gets Jammed Randomly

Hi. The claw i have on my robot randomly freezes or gets jammed and it takes a while for it to return to full operation why could this be happening? and Should i get a new claw?

Do the claw motors feel warm after malfunctioning?

How is the claw designed? Is this the standard Vex claw, like the one that comes with the Clawbot kit? Keep in mind that you can not power a motor that is not rotating at a level of more than about 15 or 20 for more than maybe 10 seconds or so. In other words, if the claw is using the motor to grip your object and that motor is not rotating but is just gripping with a power set at greater than about 15, then it will quickly overheat and seem to “die” until it cools off. Some motors overheat faster than others, so a stalled power level of 15 might also overheat.