Claw VS Goliath

There are many different ways that you could manipulate cones in In the Zone, but there are two main ones. The claw (self explanatory), and the goliath which is essentially two wide wheels made of gears and rubber bands that will lift the cone. The question I’m asking is which one is more efficient with the various lifts (chain-lift, DR4B, DR6B, scissor lift, etc.)

Both types of intakes should be equally as efficient with any of the lifts. Really what the choice should come down to is what is the better intake for your team based on what you want to do, and then what lift is the best for your team based on what you want to do. Personally I would rather use the goliath because it seems to be more of an active intake, with something like a chain bar of dr4b/dr6b (no scissors). However I have not personally worked with a goaliath intake so you should do some testing and prototyping of each as well