Clawbot arm

Im taking a robotics class at my highschool and my group is facing the issue of our robots arm not staying in place sadly some of the ports are burned out or damaged due to past years and our robots arm does not stay in place without the button being held we do have down movements to make it go down slower but my group would like it to stay in place

Do you mind providing some details on what exactly this is due to? It seems from what you are saying that the code is faulty. It’s either this or the motor is messed up somehow.

Payne Stroud
Team 39232

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The issue we are having is port 8 is damaged so we have to use an adjacent port to use arm and claw function. A theory we have is that when people last year were using the brain they messed up something things and the code that is left on there is messing with our code again just a theory that is probably wrong.

so in the code you have 3 ways to stop brake, coast, and hold. Make sure that the are motor is set to hold otherwise it will fall

Thank you for the information I will make sure to put it to hold.

No problem. If it doesn’t work then let us know