Clawbot for Change Up

I have a Clawbot from last year that I built as a one person team. It went from a robot that could barely pick up a block and couldn’t even reach the lowest tower to a robot that almost got me to state and could reach every tower but the highest middle one. I would like to use it again and modify the claw for a ball. Opinions?


If you were able to modify it that much and with so much success I’d suggest building a whole new bot. Clawbots can only get you so far.


I did think about it but with being able to take blocks out of goals I feel like a Clawbot would work well. if i made a robot that could pick up Multiple balls i think it would make it harder rather than easier.

So a robot being harder to build is not always a bad thing. It gives you a lot of time to learn how different components work and you can still stick to the principles of a clawbot but you can change it to work better. Robotics is not always about the easiest way to do something, but more of how to make something that accomplishes a purpose or task. If you want it might be good to start off with a clawbot, but then slowly change different components to work better for this game. By doing so you might have a brand new robot and learned a lot along the way.


I would highly recommend not using a clawbot. You will never see a competitive clawbot. There isn’t much point in doing robotics if you aren’t going to learn new skills. Try something different like a tray lift or hood bot. If you are stuck on using a clawbot, don’t use the vex claw.


You would need to make it a little bit wider for the ball but efficiency wise the other 2 types of designs are better but if you a short on time it would be decent for offense I think atleast.

If you want to remove blocks from goals, then just forget the claw and put a stick on your chassis. Works just as well


Well ur not supposed to re use robots from previous seasons, first off. Also a claw is not going to be very effective at all during the game, or at least not as effective as an intake would be

I don’t remember that rule…


Thank you for the feedback. All of you

I highly recommend looking at the robots people are thinking about building or actually building and taking a lot of inspiration from these. They aren’t as easy as a clawbot, but you’ll not only be more competitive but also a lot more learned about designing and building robots.

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Modifying a claw bot to be actually good at Change Up is going to be harder then just building a new robot. There is already plenty of ideas circulating like the snailbot. I would suggest looking at what teams have already done to give you ideas for your own robot.

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If you want an easy robot build the other bot in the reveal.