Clawbot I and Clawbot II - the design challenges

Looks very interesting :smiley:

Might have a go at challenge 1, if i have enough time that is.

Understandable I get that same feeling everytime i see the same question for the fourth time.

The difficulty with this challenge is that the starting point is not defined yet as VEX has not released details of exactly what is in the Clawbot kit.

So to address this issue I have created CAD based on the Clawbot in the sack attack manual. The illustration in the manual is as follows.


The CAD render of the design based on this looks as follows. Edit: Although I have the arm too long, I will fix that before release.


I will upload a link to an Inventor assembly and STEP files later this afternoon. Anyone who then wants to use this as a starting point for Foster’s challenge can modify as required.

The design is noticeably different from the current protobot but instead of using standard protobot parts I followed the manual illustration. The final Clawbot will I’m sure be different from this but without details we can only guess.

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Ok, here it is with the correct length arm, perhaps the first improvement might be to lengthen that again.

Link to the Autocad Inventor “Pack and Go” database.

Edit: I updated to a RevA version.
Some of the screws were incorrectly 6-32. Added another shaft collar so the claw would not fall apart and a couple more spacers. Removed one of my constraining parts. Doesn’t really change the model that much so if you already downloaded it I would ignore the update. Links below are updated.

Link to a STEP file (have not checked this, may have lost colors etc.)

Render of final model.

This is not a competition entry (I’m not qualified) but is a suggested starting point for development.


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One thing I can’t tell from the pictures, and may be important:
Can the claw even reach the ground? I think it might have difficulty picking up a sack from the floor. And in that configuration, it looks like it won’t be able to descore.

Another thing I can’t tell; is the clawbot short enough to drive under the trough?

First off, this is not the official Clawbot, it’s a simple robot based on the illustration in the sack attack manual that happens to have a claw, we don’t know exactly what the clawbot will look like and have to wait until August.

The claw does not reach the ground in this configuration, that’s probably the first modification.

The height is about 12 inches so it will fit under a trough.

These images will give you some sense of scale.




Quick question – the red Vexplorer claw is the same as the claw that will be used in the claw bot correct? The only difference being the color of the parts?

As far as I can tell it’s identical, here’s the link to the wiki page.

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Link to a STEP file (have not checked this, may have lost colors etc.)

[ a competition entry (I’m not qualified) but is a suggested starting point for development.


With Autodesk Inventor View 1.0, how do you Remove or Make Transparent a Part… The FieldTile keeps getting in the Way when trying to view the Bottom of the ClawBot®…[ATTACH]6259[/ATTACH]


I see no official way, however, go to the folder
\GrabberBotRevA\Workspaces\Workspace\Imported Components\ModifiedParts

and delete the FieldTile.ipt part. Then reopen the assembly and (although there will be some complaining) it will open without the field tile.

I notice some other problems using Inventor View, some of the material properties and colors have gone. Something (probably work axes) cause the home views to have the model very small. The folder hierarchy I had created for different aspects of the design has also been lost.

Why not get a full copy of Inventor?

Last year when I wanted a copy I had emailed Autodesk and explained that I was not a student or faculty member, their answer was as follows.

So it seems that even as a mentor for a team you are entitled to an educational copy, I’m sure many teams would have you as an honoree mentor if that helps.

One final thing, Duran Duran !!

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I thought about that, but then thought I should, “do it the correct way”, which I guess there is none… :wink:

I did try renaming the FieldTile.ipt as FieldTile1.ipt and copying WASHER-TEFLON.ipt into its place as FieldTile.ipt, but Inventor View still has an issue…

Right Click on View Area, select “Zoom Window”, draw a “little box” around the “speck” on View Area, then you can see what looks like a Clawbot®.

I will see what I can do…


Yep! Also, Falco, The Swanky Modes ( Sam Moore and Junior Walker ), Ozone, The Bare Naked Ladies and The Naked and Famous, (amongst others…)

Actually, my Favorite is Blondie. The New Wave/Punk Band that played just about everything…

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The issue of Inventor View not being very friendly gave me the idea of trying to make a 3D pdf file. The result is here

It’s a large file (42MB) and does not compress well so I left it as a pdf. You need a recent copy of Acrobat Reader to view it, I tried Acrobat 9 and X on the Mac, both work, and Acrobat X under WinXP. It has quite a lot of capability including the ability to hide any component.

This was created from Autodesk Inventor Publisher 2012, I had to apply service pack 2 to get the colors to appear correct.

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The claw motor axle appears to be removeable, with this configuration of locking collar.

There appear to be 9 axles and ~17 locking collars on this model.

There are certainly still some mistakes in the model.

I had fixed the claw in RevA, but the wheel axles are not secured on the inside of the chassis and will fall off :frowning: I also notice at least one impossible screw location. I will fix the model but the purpose was to try and give students a starting point for Foster’s challenge, hopefully it’s good enough for that.

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Thanks very much!!! This looks fantastic and yes, you can remove the Platform and see the Bottom of the Bot in its entirety…

It’s a perfect starting point. When I issued the Clawbot challenges, I thought the specs were out on the Clawbot (I had seen a rendering!!). So I’m at fault for not checking on the details.

I appreciate jpearman’s design efforts to get a starting point for everyone.

I did get a email question “Can we take the claw apart” - Answer is yes, I was hoping to see OOTB claws, but a reconfigured one is fine. I’m going to guess now we will see a slew of walking robots where the claws are used as the legs.

I uploaded RevB of the model, guess the claw fix never made it into RevA.

Minor changes, 7 more shaft collars so the wheels and claw don’t fall apart. relocated one screw.

Inventor database
Step file.

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Just a reminder that you have about 5 days to wrap up and submit your designs. Saturday 11:59PM forum time, is your last chance.

When/If we finish our entry, where should we post it? I haven’t seen anyone else post anything yet, so should it be in some sort of private message to Foster?


If you want everyone to bow down in awe and wonder around your amazing Clawbot design skills, post them in a thread with “Clawbot n - your screen name” where X is which contest you are submitting to I or II. We can then all post comments to it.

Or you can submit them via a personal post to me (Foster). I’ll post them in threads at the close of the contest.