Clawbot IQ with sensors

Hello all o/

We recently finished building the Clawbot with sensors. The clawbot itself works (With controller) but the sensors do not seem to be adding any added functionality. Everything is plugged in securely.

TBH, i am not entirely sure what the sensors are supposed to add. The directions are not particularly clear and there does not seem to be a video or anything.

I gather from poking around a bit that the sensor near the arm is a color sensor maybe. The one in the center maybe a gyro. No idea what the one on the back end is for.

I looked at the CONFIGURE option in the brain menu but saw nothing and i didnt want to mess something up.

I have not updated firmware on brain or controller (Not sure if that is part of issue or not, but Clawbot alone works just fine)

Any help would be appreciated. :slight_smile:

Did you look at the Controller manual that came with the Clawbot instructions? The first book tells you how to build it, the second book tells you all about the control system and how it works in auto mode. if you are missing it.

I did. Is the Clawbot with sensors supposed to be an autopilot robot (Where you can enable via the touch sensor)? Regardless, the brain does not show an option for auto-pilot (Only driver control and settings) and the Clawbot with sensors instructions does not use the bumper sensors (Only the color, touch, gyro and distance ones)

Most sensors now only work in the auto mode. The LED sensors in the driver mode work in this release. (It starts off green when you touch it, the sensor turns red and the robot stops) But the rest are not active. So it’s RobotC time (my programming language of choice). Up in Files there is a choice to start with samples, all the info you want is there.

Send me a direct message and I can call you and talk you through how to do this