Clawbot O - MarkO Submission ( non competitive )

Since I am not on a Team, and not a Team Mentor, I figured I could bend a few other Rules too… Since I won’t be eligible for any prizes. :wink:

I offer, “Jr. Flux Bot”, with optional “Jr. Fusion”*****…

( * Sold Separately check local regulations for Mobile Fusion Devices and any device that emits Chronaton Particles. Actual Unit may appear different than Unit displayed in Media Packets, your Actual Kilometers per Joule may vary greatly depending on the Density of Matter Used for Fusion, and Remember, “Your Safety is Our Business”. Please use Fusion and Temporal Translation Carefully and always “Shield Eyes from Light” of the Jr. Flux Capacitor)

“Jr. Flux Bot” ( front )

“Jr. Flux Bot” ( profile )

“Jr. Flux Bot” ( fluxing 1 )

“Jr. Flux Bot” ( fluxing 2 )

See the Jr. Flux Bot in operation.

With Room Lights on, VIDEO0020.

Haha, best Clawbot ever! The VEX kit designers could learn many things from you. :smiley:

Now it has to go 88 mph and it will be unbeatable!!!

Ahh… Your too kind… :smiley:

But, Seriously now… I do have an idea for a simple Wrist to add to the Clawbot®. I will be ( hopefully ) posting pictures shortly…

Just imaging… by manipulating Time, never moving between the Sacks and the Goals during the Match. The moment the Sack is dropped into the Goal, the Jr. Fusion Clawbot® disappears and almost instantaneously re-appears above a Sack.

At the end of the match, it could go back to the beginning of the match and score a whole bunch more. There could be like 50 paradox copies on the field at once, all working together to beat 2 robots. Of course, with an 88mph speed ratio, they’d all overheat pretty quickly. Imagine, 50 stalled-out clawbots twitching around the field…

I think universe-ending paradoxes might count as field damage, though.