Clawbot programming with ModKit

My son is learning to program using ModKit and the Vex IQ. His instructor has asked them to explore programming the clawbot… Because he has focus issues as well as anxiety he doesn’t do well with the “explore” idea. He has tried several variations on the programming but none work. I do not know anything about programming and can’t give him more guidance. Is there any link that someone can share with me that would show an example of a string of commands for the clawbot that could make him go to a block, grab it, lift it, and move it??? I paid $20 for the lessons from Kee but they aren’t helpful.

Getting Modkit installed and running is the first big hurdle. Sounds like you got past that.

Are you able to create a program that includes a Drivetrain? The Drivetrain is one of the components on the left side of the screen. If not, start with that.

Rather than starting with an autonomous program, I would suggest creating your own driving program. You program the controller, and then you drive the robot yourself.

If you have already created a driving program, then you are ready to start using the programming blocks, but I would still suggest starting with basic driving and turning commands.

Let me know where you are at and I can provide additional assistance.

Yes, he was able to download the ModKit and it works. He can make the Clawbot autonomously drive to the high rise cube and stop. The claw doesn’t close however, it simply raises and lowers. I assumed there was something wrong with the claw motor. He switched it out, he changed the program from forward to reverse and the back neither works.

I have to say that his frustration has lessened greatly though with being successful on some tasks! Ed at ModKit was amazing


To test the claw motor try using the Device Info program, or Driver Control, both programs are always on the brain. If the claw is working in either of those programs, then the issue is in your program. If neither of those programs work, then make sure the smart cable going to the motor is plugged all the way in on both ends.